Saturday, July 19, 2008

I can't sleep 'coz I'm a mutant!

A new genetic mutation found in flies can cause 80% less sleep than
normal flies, forcing the flies to get by with much less sleep.
"Sleepless" Mutation Found Responsible for Sleeplessness

You know, that makes a lot more sense than much of what I've been reading about sleeplessness lately. It's certainly a wonderful excuse for the typical question of "but, why are you insomniac? your life isn't that bad!"

Ok, so the mutation is for flies, but hey, most of our genome is the same as theirs... besides... there's always the classic teleportation problems ;-)

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1 comment:

day said...

haha, out of all people i do not think you would ever have problem with insomnia. Why? I don't know .. you just give that impression.

Anyway, from now on when someone ask me why i stay up all night, doing NOTHING, i will just reply with that. Mutation. Instead of Vodka-redbull.

And eeeeeekkk, i watched that film for the 1st time when i was really young, it gaves me nightmare for NIGHTS. I remember the part when he pulled the fingernail out, bleurgh. BLEURGH. Now i probably can't sleep tonight ... hmmm MUTATION :D