Tuesday, September 2, 2008

GASP!!! Tigh IS running for president!!!

*Waaarning!* -- follow the first link at your own risk... there's a major spoiler of Galactica's season 3/4 there. And you definitely don't want that spoiler. Really. You don't. So if you haven't seen the 3rd season finale , just don't it. Don't. Seriously.

Tigh selects Roslin , via Vayatele

Although, me myself thought first of my beloved Tina Fey when I saw Palin... sigh... and the people at Time Magazine thought she resembled "a classier, older, made-better-life-choices Britney Spears." I guess she has a common face. Or maybe it's the glasses. Which, I guess, will end up having me hearing I look like her. Too....
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Flow TV said...

Battlestar Galatica

Starring: John McCain as Saul Tigh & Sarah Palin as Laura Roslin?

Check out the article on FlowTV.org at: http://flowtv.org/?p=2055