Monday, December 24, 2007

aand another wee experiment ...

... yes I can put this blog's feeds on Facebook... god I'm SO cheating on Tom.


Day LP. said...

omg, i found elena's blog.
So wait, now you have this one and another english-teaching one aye?
Just so i can bookmark them :)

And seriously, tom's been nasty to me too, he wouldn't even let me quit. So it's only fair we just stop whatever we do on myspace, just so he can die a little inside har har har.

Mikeachim said...


'Tis I, 'chim.

Elena said...

look who's talking!

Elena said...

oh, and Day, as for Tom... he's just becoming a lonely lonely guy... no wonder he's getting so clingy :)

I'm not completely quitting on Myspace, though. I just want a manageable blog!

(Ps. Aand yeah, there's gonna be this and the politically correct ESL one :) )