Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Down With Santa?

Nice to see that the Spanish quasi-mythical battle "Santa vs. the Three Kings" has got all the way to Time magazine.  Traditionally, Spanish kids got their presents from the Three Wise Men on the 6th of January and  were asked which one was our favorite (by the way, Balthazar won hands down). But since the 80s Santa Claus has been taking over, mostly thanks to American movies and various TV commercials. 

Right now, it's not really *such* a big deal... most people sort of divide the presents between Santa and The Kings. But  there is this new movement now that is aggressively asking for the Kings to fight back (gangsta hip-hop video included). I think I'm pretty much with them... if things go the way they're going, the Kings will disappear in a few years --and without  them, Christmas holidays will be a whole week shorter. Bad, bad, bad idea.

Spain's Holiday Cry: Down With Santa! - TIME

The video:

(but seriously, ho's and shooting Santa Claus?!!! somebody's going slightly too far...)

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