Monday, February 25, 2008

gore weekend


No Country for Old Men. Just in time to say I saw it before Bardem got the Oscars. Yay for Javi!!

By the way. It seems people who have seen this movie are neatly divided between those who loved it and those who hated it because it was slow or violent or both. Me, I did like it a lot, as it's very character driven and manages to keep a certain sense of hope on humanity in spite of the grim grim story. I really love some touches of the film, e.g. the jacket/shirt story. It's also very neatly organized, which is quite a feat considering how many threads the plot has. Makes me want to read Cormac McCarthy --I'll add it to the to-read list.

Ps. Cruellest part of the film -- Javier Bardem's haircut. Geeze.


Spent half of the day with my friend-of-the-seven-cats, the other half with mum of-the-eternal-home-renovations (my mum's home is right now under siege by masons, painters, plumbers, floor-varnishers and the like). Result: massive dust/cat allergy attack.

Spent the night realizing I have forgotten to dance sevillanas and remembering my ski trip -- by way of various thigh pains. Oh joy.


Sweeny Todd. Never again will I eat meat pie, period. Realized, mid-movie, I've spent the bloodiest weekend since that Kill Bill Marathon. Like Kill Bill, much of the fun was visual --great costumes, great sets. I got a bit tired by so much music at the beginning of the film, mostly because I wasn't expecting it (the Spanish trailer cleverly avoids the subject, as musicals don't sell well here). Then I got used to it.

Cruellest part of the film: ♪Joaaanaaaaaaaa I feel youuuuuuuuuu.... ♪ encores over dinner ;) .
Overall conclusion: vengeance is bad, sleeping with seven cats is worse.


Mikeachim said...

Tragically and unforgiveably, but also typically, I've missed seeing these apparently brilliant films.

DVD it is, then. *sigh*

What do you think of musicals in general? For example 'Moulin Rouge'?

Elena said...

ah, I *love* musicals! They're a lot of fun, it's just that i wasn't expecting sooo much music from this particular film, I guess...

You can skip Sweenie Todd, I think, but make sure you see No Country for Old Men... not everybody likes it, though, but I think you will