Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wii Fit: mark my words, the holodeck is coming

Well, it was just a matter of time -- there was the tennis wii, the golf wii and the bowling wii, so the full-gym wii just had to happen. It could be good news - maybe young kids and not-so-young kids will finally get some exercise. But it could also become the fastest way to get a bazillion lazy people injured in new fascinating ways. We'll see. For the time being, I'll stick to (not) going to a traditional gym, just in case.

But the really good news for me is that this brings us a step closer to my cherished dream of having a home holodeck. Now, that would make me buy a wii. The Robin Hood wii, the Picard Detective wii, the 18th century clipper wii... aaah the possibilities... (*) :)


(*) I want a fencing wee, mostly. Does that exist already? Hm.


Day said...

i actually *dig* the idea. Considering that instead of just lazing on my couch, gaining cellulite from hours i spend playing console games. This time, with Wii, its become some sorts of exercise!!!

What i mean is... if ppl want to exercise, they would be deligent enough to go out and have fun in the sun (or gym), but most of the time ppl are lazy, and Wii could be the way to force them to at least move that fat arses?

Now that im here, haha would like to know how you enjoy the book Atonement. I've just watched the film and love it... i will find some time to blog about it. Soonish. hehe.

Elena said...

aah... I'm reading it rrrrreallly slowly, mostly on recesses, but it's nice :)

as for the Wii, I have two words for you "static bike" -- lazy people buy them in order to get bruises on their shinbones while passing the hoover... hopefully, though, the Wii will figure out how to make exercising more fun, like, I dunno, making it a competition or some kind of game --Football with Beckham? Tennis with Nadal? dungeons and dragons with fencing and climbing hills and the like? hmmmmm...