Thursday, June 26, 2008

The anthropology of soccer

Ok, so I'm not a football person. Never been. I've been known to fall asleep and sit with my back against the TV set during terribly exciting matches, and even though I've had periods when I really wished and tried to like the King of Sports (as we call it over here), well. Can't help it. Yawn.

However, the guys at the bar next door are making me switch to the Spain-Russia match. It's a very entertaining orchestra of ARRRs; OOOOAAHs; UUUUUYs and YEAAAAAAHs so they sort of spark my curiosity. They did the same last Sunday, when the penalties came up and I just couldn't resist to see what the enthusiasm was about. Which was nice, because I got to see the historical last two penalties: the one that Fabregas managed to score and the one that Casillas managed to keep from scoring. I think it was the first time in my life when football actually moved me. After all, that was history --we haven't been beyond quarter finals in something like twenty years.

The thing is, I think I enjoy more listening to people's reactions to football than the whole affair of having to watch it. Especially after a guy on the radio today has brought further insight, when he said that football is so exciting because it contains the most important aspects of ancestral hunting -- throwing and catching. Certainly listening to the guys next door one can definitely imagine that Cro-magnons hunting for mammoths ten thousand years ago must have sounded exactly the same. And I don't mean this in a bad way -- it's just the anthropologist in me being a nerd, and wishing I liked football. And catching mammoths.

Me! Catch! Beast! Now!

Ps. Keeping in line with my anthropology theory, somebody has just marked his territory the primeval way. By pissing. On my door.
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day said...

ahhh, about time you watch it :P
I'm always the biggest fan of football, and SPAIN (well, second to Japan but yes) and you have no idea how happy i am :D

Let's hope they win it all x

Elena said...

... well my personal theory is that it's all thanks to the accumulated British karma ;)

but yeah, it's great to see our team winning for once...