Thursday, May 22, 2008

How not to sell anything to women.

   I'm a regular user of Netvibes, which is for me one of the greatest inventions ever --I haven't used any other RSS readers so I can't really compare the experience, but heck when you have a good thing you don't think of changing it, do you?? Anyway, one of the feeds I have on my/their site is their own blog, because I'm a nerd like that. so when I got the newest post I first got a bit suspicious, then clicked on it, got really mad, then read the comments and had a fit of giggles. Apparently the postmistress or whatever you may call her didn't realize there *are* a lot of female geeks out there who don't exactly feel represented by bubbly statements like these:

 "You can also have a look at Popsugar personal space on which you'll be able to find many exciting items to install on your page! From cooking to fashion or gossips, only and exclusively for girls!"

 = uh uhhhhh yay I'm a twelve year old Stepford wife!!! (popsugar???!!!! POPSUGAR???!!!!!)

And what about "exclusively for girls"???? guys don't cook, gossip or, er, get dressed???!!!

Dear FSM. Well at least as I said the reaction on the comments is, well, priceless...

... and now that we're at it. I want a widget on the weather  "exclusively for girls". And another on Galactica. Like, now.

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