Saturday, May 3, 2008

saturday night live

... been studying for three days straight. Stuck Up North so I guess it's Babylon 5 for me tonight, as Saturday TV s-u-c-k-s.

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Mikeachim said...

And how are you finding B5? The same as I did?
- Nice plot arc
- Some dreadful individual eps (ugh, King Arthur, ugh, Techno-Mages, ugh Penn & Teller)
- Some great lines
(Franklin to Marcus who is being very annoying:
"This is the kind of conversation that ends in a gunshot.")
- Some really bad lines
- some great acting
- some really bad acting

Mikeachim said...


Galactica, season 4.

Is fantastic.


Elena said...

i can't watch Galactica just yet. I know myself, and I much prefer getting the whole season together and watch in one or two sittings. Right now I'm supposed to study and I'd get way too hooked.

As for B5...

1) my ears are bleeding everytime I hear the soundtrack --only Vangelis can get away with keyboard soundtracks...

2) the special effects are laughable

3) I like the plot most of the time, except when they get all new-agey-fantasy -- I hated the Prophets on DS9 for the *very same reason*

4) the Centauri are a summary of everything you can do wrong with costume design for a drama. They belong squarely with the Monty Python and ruin a lot of the story for me.

So I don't know, the story had potential I guess but so far it's a bit frustrating to watch. But I guess I'll have to see the rest of the seasons to get a global judgement. I wasn't a great fan of DS9 either until Worf came, so...