Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's the chromosomes, stupid!

... If I had to go for Hillary just because she's a woman, I guess I should have gone for Maggie Tatcher in the 80s as well.... Ok so I am not American so I don't get to vote in these elections, and I am not British and I was a baby when Thatcher got elected, but you get my point. I think...

(...) [Ellen] Malcolm even wrote an op-ed declaring that Clinton herself had a "responsibility" to stay in the race. She owed it to all women to prove that she wasn't a quitter. The sentiment echoed Clinton's own comments on the stump, her declaration that "I am not a quitter. I do not give up."These rousing displays of fortitude , however, don't necessarily suggest a positive message for women. Clinton's vow, in particular, moved Slate writer Dahlia Lithwick to ask what it means if feminism is "the inability to concede error or defeat — even in light of irrefutable, empirical evidence and in the face of spiraling support and tanking morale."
The Feminist Divide Over Obama - TIME
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