Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Great Pretender

Two of my friends have decided to live together after just a year of dating and have adopted three cats. Three.
I can't even think of adopting a cat. I don't even know where I'll be living next year.
Going back home, the radio comes up with This.

Freddie Mercury РThe Great Pretender РM̼sica en

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day said...

i take it you are a cat person and not a dog, i personally think dog is easier to handle ... but cat is also lovely.

However let me warn you that having a pet is some kind of addiction. Once you adopt one, you will soon develop 'commitment' and when you know yourself again, you already have a bag to carry ur pet around, paris hilton style :P

nathan-online said...

Cats are cool!

Elena said...

Well, yes I'm more of a cat person... my brother has a puppy and I adore him, but I relate better to the felines :)

The problem is, I get sent to different schools every September and chances are, I'll be changing flats every year or so, might even have to go back to mum's. I don't want to stress the poor kitty so I'll have to wait a while and just be Auntie Elena :S