Monday, March 17, 2008

Olga doesn't have a clue

I am olga, I am from Russia. Moscow.
I am dreaming to find my real man. Maybe this is you? What do you think
about it? Please, write me a reply here:




Mikeachim said...

Olga contacted me as well.

Sadly, due to a terrible accident in the early 70s, a great deal of my body has been reconstructed in chipboard, moulded PVC and aluminium. (I just missed out on microchips, sadly).

So while on average I'm a man - 69.2% - I'm not 'real' in the 100% meaning of the world.

I tried explaining this to Olga, but she hasn't written back yet.

I'm hoping this won't get in the way of any possible relationship between us.

Elena said...

what a two-timing b%·&ch!!!