Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh, my, where has science fiction gone...

I've spent this weekend at the V Fantastic Film Festival of the SciFi Channel Spain. It's been fun but a bit disheartening as most of what I've seen didn't qualify at all as sf, or even fantasy. I got thrillers, yakuza films and a lot of crazy people living in real-life paradigms. One wonders if the people that organized the festival thought that "fantastic" meant "really good" I mean, we got Untraceable!!!!. Oh well.

More disheartening news, the title of this article by The Guardian...

Clarke prize moves beyond sci-fi | News | guardian.co.uk Books

... fortunately once you read the article through you find out that they're exaggerating a bit. And mind you, this is the award Margaret Atwood got for The Handmaid's Tale, so that another dystopia gets the award shouldn't raise many eyebrows... anyway.

Ps. Finally I've downloaded Flock at the Up North computer. Maybe it is a Totally Subjective appreciation, but I think internet goes faster with it. Hm.
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