Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If Harry Potter ran General Electric.

True book title. So popular I've ran into its translated version at a bookstore today. Business advice from children's literature that doesn't take into account the laws of physics. This should be interesting.

A few questions-- Is there a limit to the dumbness of "leadership" books? Does anybody take this seriously? Is there a Saruman guide to nasty takeovers? The Picard handbook for diplomacy? Who took my lightsaber?


day said...

haha agree, and love the sarcasm. There are too many DUMMY GUIDES for REALLY STUPID DUMMIES .. and i just don't get it ... if ur that dumb to start with, reading how-to book won't help, perhaps?

The funniest book title i have ever seen is "How to choose the right how-to books for you"


Elena said...

I wonder what they expect people to think about this when they see these books on their shelves...

it's like going on a date and finding "He's not that into you" or the "Rules", heck, I'd start running and never stop!