Friday, January 4, 2008

Maybe I have no reason to be happy about this, but, heck I AM. I totally am.

He reminds me of Kennedy, a little. Maybe he's all about the image he projects, but surely the US need a serious image change, and he's the kind of rare politician that seems to speak his mind and not go into tired-old-slogan city. So I don't know, I'm hopeful.

Obama's Historic Victory - TIME
[...]That day has now come, at the highest level of American politics. A black man with a dangerous-sounding foreign name trounced his opponents in the nearly all-white state of Iowa. And he did so because, after spending months getting to know him, the people of Iowa stopped seeing his color and began to admire his character. In an election where the word "change" became an almost meaningless talisman, Iowa's triumph over race is a message to the world about the real nature of America — and a ratification of Obama's belief that this will be an election year where everything is on the table, where all the conventional wisdom can be tossed aside, where anything, including decency, is possible.[...]

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nikita said...

I am sad he loss New Hampshire but I am still confident about his chances about winning the nomination. I definitely plan to donate money soon to his campaign

Elena said...

good give him some for me --as a non-US citizen I can't myself ;)

I do certainly hope he wins... he's like a breath of fresh air and here in Spain people seem quite excited --I'm even getting my students excited about it, the other day one came to class and told me "man, finally the black dude didn't win did he?" but I told him he still had many other states to go... it's cool because I let them know about the primaries and stuff and they find it exciting :)

Nikita said...
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Nikita said...

I just donated $100. I might donate a little more later on. He is an inspiring orator and his vision for America, both nationally and internationally, is one I share deeply. It would be a terrible shame if America does not seize this moment. As he said in his, I believe, New Hampshire concession speech: "There is nothing false about hope." That is unquestionally true, in my mind; hope is a very powerful thing - all one needs to do is believe it in.